Good Friday Wishes Quotes -[2021] Holy Easter Images

Why is it called Good Friday?

It’s a question of faith many people have why is it called Good Friday?

it seems that the day Jesus was crucified isn’t good. it’s a day of tragedy. it’s not good in terms of the act of humanity crucifying the Son of God.

The word Good Friday comes from the German as we understand it because Good Friday meant God’s Friday and then it changed over time and evolved to be Good Friday.

because it’s an act of God’s goodness on that day. At sacrificing his own son for us. Now it doesn’t seem good that humans would do such a tragic thing but what happens is because of this sacrifice we have this reunification with God our story.

theologically is good in the end because it leads to the resurrection and it is that moment of complete faith in God and sacrifice for us.

It is an act of goodness on Christ’s part and then the act of goodness on God’s part to raise him up because of that faithfulness it makes the whole story at an end good for us from Good Friday.

Images for Good Friday
good friday images with messages
good friday images with messages

Have a blessing GOOD FRINDAY
may your faith in the god
bring peace to your heart.
this good friday and always.

Happy Good Friday Wishes
good friday quotes jesus
good friday quotes jesus

Life is A maybe, Death is for sure
Sin is the cause, Christ is the cure

Good Friday Images With Quotes
good friday wishes quotes
good friday wishes quotes

May the blessing of the Lord
Shine upon you on this Holy day
& may he always keep in his loving care

Good Friday Wishes Quotes
images for good friday
images for good friday

Jesus Christ bore all in silence
because he accepted us in him.
I hope we can return the same to him.
Have a blessed GOOD FRIDAY

Good Friday Quotes Jesus
pictures of good friday
pictures of good friday

On this holy good friday,
I wish nothing but best for you.
May Jesus christ born again in our heart
and you will always be loved and protected by him.

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