174+ Happy Thanksgiving Wishes and Quotes in English 2022

Religious Thanksgiving Wishes in English

Let us thank God on this occasion of
thanksgiving for always looking after us.
May he bless us more in the upcoming years.
Amen. Happy Thanksgiving.

Praying that God may bless you with His mercy, grace, and love.
May God bless you this Thanksgiving and always.
Wishing you a blissful thanksgiving.

Here, on the festival of thanksgiving,
let’s thank the Lord for all of his blessings.
May Lord bless the food to nourish our bodies. Amen.

May this Thanksgiving bring
you good luck and prosperity.
Let’s pray to God and thank him
for the many blessings that he has bestowed upon us.

May your every day fills with God’s uncountable blessings,
memorable moments, and happiness.
Wishing you a blessed thanksgiving.

Thanks to all the people who gathered around the table
on this holy festival of thanksgiving.
Let’s raise a toast to all the biblical sacrifices
and be grateful to God. Amen.

Let us all gather before him and praise his wondrous works
with Thanksgiving songs and music.
May we all be blessed today and every day.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you the gift of blessing and
faith in the hope of all the best things
that are yet to come. Happy Thanksgiving,
may Lord bless you.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating.
Let us be thankful to God for creating us and
allowing us to be the best of all kinds.

Let us thank almighty for all of his temporal
and spiritual blessings upon us on this Thanksgiving.
May he continue to bless us throughout the year!

Thanksgiving is for praising God for all the good things
he blessed us with throughout the year.
Let us all extol him with music and song this Thanksgiving!

Among the many things God has given us,
the most precious is a grateful heart;
For the blessings may fade,
but a grateful heart will always keep our content.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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