174+ Happy Thanksgiving Wishes and Quotes in English 2022

Thanksgiving Quotes in English

Thanksgiving Quotes in English
Thanksgiving Quotes in English

May the warmth of this Thanksgiving season
surround your life with favor like a shield.
May you find happiness in everything
and everything that makes you happy.

Celebrate this beautiful festive and
be thankful for everything and everyone
that brings you joy in your life.
I hope you have a great thanksgiving.
Happy turkey day!

Thanksgiving is a day to remember all
the good things regardless of how small
or large- they may be.
Thank you for being a constant in my life.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Once a year we get the chance to thank God,
our family, friends, and every
little joy that comes each day.
Let’s make this Thanksgiving an occasion
that we will always remember!
Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish dear Lord bless you with all the
peace, happiness, and joy on this thanksgiving.
I also hope you’d stay sober this thanksgiving!
Happy thanksgiving.

On this thanksgiving,
I wish that all your blessings get multiplied
this year and throughout your whole life.
Have a great holiday, happy thanksgiving.

May you be blessed with the divine blessings
of the Lord on the thanksgiving
and have a great year ahead.
May God be there for you, always and forever.

This thanksgiving, let’s be grateful for the food
and the company that we are sharing.
May God always protect our loved ones.
Happy thanksgiving.

Wishing you a Happy and
Bountiful Thanksgiving Day!
This is a day to remember everything
in our lives small and large, and give thanks.

What a good time to reflect on
the many blessings we have!
The delightful Thanksgiving is here again,
with a lot more fun and reasons
to be grateful for. Have a great time!

There have been times when
I forgot to thank you for being there for me.
I take this day to tell you how special you are
and how great my life has become because of you.
Have a memorable Thanksgiving.

Express your gratitude on this Thanksgiving,
not because you should, but because your
life is complete and your heart is content.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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