How to Create Backlinks for my website

Google rank the web pages, analyze on thousand of ranking factors.

The backlink is the highest-ranking signal among all. if you want to rank your website on the first page on google then you need to do proper SEO and create a high-quality backlink in your blog.

SEO is very important to drive organic traffic to your blog and backlink is the major part of SEO ranking.

But as a newbie, they recently started their new blog, they don’t know the backlink meaning.

Today I will explain that what is a backlink, the importance of backlinks, and how to create a backlink?

I will tell you about the meaning of backlinks in SEO and their importance in online success.

Let us now understand all the things one by one.

What is a backlink

Backlink is a link that connected a webpage with another webpage.

It means when a high authority website provides a link to connect your webpages.

When traffic coming from high authority websites to your site through this link. then is called a backlink.

So your website get unique visitor and it will increase day by day. not only traffic it also improves your website ranking.

Types of backlinks

There are two types of backlinks, Dofollow Backlink and Nofollow Backlink.

Both types of backing have their own features. let’s know about the Dofollow Backlink and Nofollow Backlinks what their purpose.

Do-follow Links

When you connect a webpage to other webpages through a link, then it by default creates a DoFollow link, which helps to passes the link juice.

DoFollow links help to increase website ranking in the search engine, For which you can get more visitors to your website.

<a href=”“>Link Text

No-follow Links

The search engine also has no value for Nofollow backlinks. it does not pass any link juice from one website to another. also it does not count as a ranking factor.

A no-follow backlink can be beneficial for your blog. it makes a positive impression of your website to google.

But if all your website links will Dofollow, then it can create a bad impression on google’s eyes.

For which Google can penalize your site.

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Link Text

Internal Links

When you connected your post with another post of your website, is called internal linking.

Suppose if your any post ranked in google and getting a lot of traffic. if you want to rank one more post on your site then you have to link two pages with each other.

For which the traffic in both the posts will continue to increase day by day

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External Links

When you add another website link into your post is called an external link. always linking with a high authority blog, which increases your ranking and domain authority.

Link Juice

when a link connects your website or page with another website post or page. visitor comes to your site through this link.

This is called link juice. it will increase the ranking on search engines and also increase your website DA PA.

Low-Quality Links – if you create a link with any low authority, spammy website, or adult website, then it counts low-quality links.

Such link lot of harmful fo your website. so when creating a backlink then check the website authority and spam score.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is the clickable text form of hyperlink. they provide relevant information to both users and search engines.

You can easily link any keyword and create a comment backlink using this anchor text method.

Linking Root Domain

Your site linking the specific number of unique domains. when a site link to your site 10 times, it will be considered a linked root domain.

how to create backlinks for my website

a backlink is the most ranking factor in SEO. if you want to rank fast then you have to create a backlink.

When creating backlinks always focus on quality, not quantity. because high-quality backlink is good for your website’s health.

which will increase your website authority and help to rank much faster your post.

so how to create quality backlinks, there are many ways to create backlinks. you can create a lot of backlinks as much as you want.

But is not easy to create high-quality backlinks. you need to know the proper way to creating backlinks that will be beneficial for your site. so let me know the way to create a quality backlink

Publish Quality Content on your blog

If you want to get a quality backlinks, then you have to publish quality content on your blog.

That other website easily provides a link to add to your website. it will help you to get a do-follow backlink.

Also Quality Content increases the number of unique visitors to your blog and your blog ranks well in SERPs.

Start Commenting

Comment backlink is an easy way that you can get backlinks through comments on other good blogs.

When you comment on another blog then do not forget to give the URL of your blog along with the comment.

Usually, this type of backlink comes under the category of Nofollow backlink but some websites also give do-follow backlink through the comment.

Also, a no-follow backlink is much beneficial for your website. so it is important to get a no-follow backlink through commenting.

Using the Broken Link Building Method

there is the best way to get a backlink through a broken link. just have to do a report to the website owner about the broken link to their website.

If the website owner allows you then you can use this broken link buy recommending your website.

You can easily find any broken link of any pages by using this Check My Links Chrome extension.

Submit Guest Posts to another top blog

As a backlink, a guest post is a legit and popular way to get a high-quality do-follow backlink for your blog.

It means any high authority website allows you to post as a guest on their website. but keep in mind guest post content should be unique and help to solve the user queries.

This is a good way to promote your blog through another popular blog, and visitors of that blog slowly come to your site through this guest post and it will increase the website visitor day by day.

Before guest posting always keep in mind these things the site where you post as a guest should be more DA PA from your blog.

always guest post on a popular blog. post a guest on a blog should be related to your blog’s niche.

you can find blogs that accept guest post, using this search queries on google
“submit content”
“submit your content”
“write for us”
“guest article”
“guest posts wanted”
“submit news”
“submit post”
“write for us” Your Keyword
“guest post” Your Keyword
“submit content” Your Keyword
this is a guest post by”
“contributing writer”
“want to write for”
“guest post”
“guest blogger”
“become a guest blogger”
“submit blog post”
“guest post guidelines”
“guest blog guidelines”
“contribute to our site”

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Create Infographics

You can use infographics to create backlinks. the infographic is the best way to increase website traffic and get quality backlinks on your website.

With the help of an infographic, you can increase your website user experience.

You can also ask other blogs related to your Niche to share your Infographics and get quality backlinks.

Benefit of infographic

  • they are easily read, understood, and remembered
  • they enable you to connect with your target audience
  • they are portable and embeddable
  • they are easy to track and analyze
  • they are persuasive and eye-catching
  • they generate more traffic
  • they are great for SEO

Social Networking Site Profile

This is also a very good way to get backlinks using social network sites. create an account on a popular social network site and make a page or profile of your website.

Then you can see the website URL on this page. just enter your website URL and get a high-quality backlink. some social networks site provide a link through bio.

Answer on Quora

you can create a backlink by joining the question-answer website. For this, you have to find some popular question-answer websites related to your niche.

Quora is the most popular question-answer website where you can get quality backlinks.

First register on it, then find some questions related to your website niche. you can answer them in detail and give a link to your blog post and pages.

It not only help you to get more backlinks, but it increases your brand awareness and encourages users to visit your website.

Write Testimonials

Most of the company use the testimonial to attract the customer. they use this testimonial on their home page.

You can write testimonials for any high-authority company and easily get a high-quality backlink.

it takes a few minutes to get a high-quality backlink from a high-authority website.

Buy Backlink

As a newbie, you don’t have enough budget to buy backlinks. then you can follow the above methods to create some high-quality backlinks for free.

But if you have a budget then you can buy some authority backlinks from any genuine website and increase your ranking and traffic super fast.


It is proved that backlink is always beneficial for a website or blog.

in this article hope you have got the information about what is a backlink and how to create a backlink for your website.

then create a high-quality backlink for your website and rank fast. the not only ranking also increase your domain authority and website traffic.

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