How to Increase Website Speed

If you have a blog or website, hope it will load fast. loading speed is one of the most important factors for a website or blog.

Not only that, but it also affects website SEO ranking. if your site takes time to load, then the visitor will exit your site immediately.

Because Google treats website page speed as a ranking factor. So your site needs to load faster if you want to rank in google.

In this article, I will share how to optimize the blog and increase website speed

How to Increase Website Speed

follow these simple step, it will make your site faster than before

how to increase wordpress website speed without plugin?

There have many ways that you can use to improve your website speed without using any WordPress plugin.

Remove Unnecessary plugins

Extra plugins can slow down your website. so don’t install any heavy and extra plugins.

Remove Unnecessary plugins from your website because they can reduce your site speed.

so you can increase your website speed and traffic by deleting the Unnecessary plugin.

Minify CSS, HTML code and javascript codes

You can optimize your site and load fast by compress unnecessary CSS and javascript.

Minifying CSS and javascript help to reduce web pages and improve your website performance.

Google also recommends minifying Javascript and extra CSS files from your site.

Monitor website loading speed test

Everyone wants to increase their website speed to ranked and get traffic from google. but before that, you need to check your site speed from time to time.

You have to check your site speed at least one or two days of the week.

Here are some online WordPress website speed test tools, where you can test your website speed.

  • Pingdom Tools
  • Webpage Analyzer
  • Dare Boots
  • Load Impact
  • GTmetrix
  • Webpage Test
  • PageSpeed Insights (Google Developers)

You can easily find out the reason, that why your site is loading slow, with these online speed test tools.

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Select a simple lightweight theme

Use a lightweight theme for your website or blog. choose a responsive and SEO-optimized theme that will improve your website speed and overall traffic.

Compress and optimize your blog images

If you want to improve your site performance then you need to Compress your website image.

Image size is one of the most important parts of website speed. if you don’t compress and optimize your website image then it will definitely reduce your website speed.

so need your website or blog images fully compress and optimized. Your blog image size should be between 10kb to 30kb.

There are so many image optimization plugins are available on WordPress. where you can choose which is best for your site.

Some of the best Image Optimizer plugins that you can use on your website to compare like – optimizing, Jpeg-optimizer, Smush. it or Image Optimizer,

Reduce Number Of Widget

Do not keep more widgets on your blog site it will down your website speed.

Like Facebook like box widget, social share widget, popup subscribe widget, subscribe box widget, popup like box widget, etc.

Show limited post on home page

Keep your home page always clean and optimized. Don’t get heavy by too much post and ad code.

If your website home page is loading slow, that will affect the website ranking and create a bad impression on your website visitor.

so make your website home page you can make your website loads fast, by optimizing your website home page, showing limited posts and ads.

Add limited advertise code

People want to earn more money from their blog website, for which they are adding more ad codes to their website.

because people are thinking that, by showing more ad, they will make more money. but it’s not tur, It does not give much money, rather it will slow down your website speed for more ads.

So always use fewer ads and optimize your website. which will increase your website loading speed and traffic.

Use CDN Network

CDN is a Content Delivery Network that provides content base on user location. CDN creates a static cache for your website and stores it on its server.

when any user visits your website, then CDN redirects them to the nearest server. The Content Delivery Network is a type of filter in which you can stop to come Unwanted or Spam Traffic on your website.

Choose the Best CDN Providers to increase your website security and loading speed.

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Use Cache Plugin

By enabling Cache, you can increase your website load speed. there are many Cache plugin is available online. The most popular of them is W3 TOTAL Cache or WP Super Cache, which you can use to enabling cache.

Choose a Good Hosting

Hosting is the server that will host your website and SERP to the search engine. hosting has always a huge role play to increase website speed.

If your website is connected to WordPress then you need powerful web hosting that helps to run your blog successfully.

Don’t use any cheap hosting that will make your site down. because their server is not good.

So buy an affordable and high-performance Webhosting plan and choose the nearest server location for your traffic.


Website speed is one of the most ranking factors to get traffic from google. if you want to rank and get organic traffic from Google then your site should be load under 3 sec.

Optimize your Website performance and load fast by following these steps. I’m sure it will definitely help you to increase your website speed.

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