How to Get Traffic on Website

Nowadays everyone wants to earn money from blogging or website. They are making a website and start their blog.

But in 2022 is so much difficult to run a successful blog and making money from it. because the competition is very high and it will increase day by day.

Many people all over the world have created their websites or blog. Increasing website traffic is the most important part of a blog or any online business.

But not all get success in blogging. there have many reasons for unsuccessful as a blogger. The biggest reason for the failure in blogging is the lack of traffic on the blog website.

Website traffic is very important to run a successful blog and making money from that. but at present getting traffic to your blog website is quite difficult.

Then how to get traffic on a website? there have some ways that you can get traffic to your website or blog.

Publish Quality Content

Content is the main part of a blog website and it is very important for ranking. if you create low-quality content and does not able to solve the visitor’s problem, then the user will not like to visit your site again.

Google uses different types of ranking factors to rank a post, content quality is one of them.

If you publish low-quality content or thin content on your website, then Google will decrease your site ranking.

If you want to be ranked and get traffic from google, you need to publish quality content, which helps to solve the user problem.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Use the Keyword related to Focus Keyword in the content always use long-tail keyword to create a post on your site.

because they are targeted and less competition, also help the search engine to understand the content of the post.

don’t use short-tail keywords because they have high competition and less targeted. as a newbie you never ranked any short-tail keyword.

The Advantages of using Long Tail Keywords

  • It will help to get more traffic from search engines
  • They rank well in search results.
  • Better conversion rates.
  • Less competition.
  • you can use the following tools, For Long Tail Keywords:
  • there have some online tools, that you can use for choosing long-tail keywords.

Answer the Public

You can use answer the public to get the long tail and similar keywords.

It takes all the queries from Google and Bing that people are searching for and provide you.

Answer the public is a very good tool that generates thousands of keywords in one step.

But there has a limited search on the free plan. you can buy their premium plan and find long-tail keywords As much as you want.

Google Auto-Suggest

Google Auto-Suggest is the most useful and recommended tool for getting related keywords.

Just put your main keyword and google automatically showing all the keywords related to your main keyword.


Ubersuggest is a popular online tool developed by Neil Patel.

This is a keyword suggestion tool that you can use to finding long-tail keywords.

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Improve Your Site’s Loading Speed

If your site is loading slowly then the user immediately exits from your site. which will increase website bounce rate and And that’s not a good thing in Google’s eyes.

If your website loading fast that will affect both website ranking & user experience and also it ranks well in search results. so if you want to rank you need to increase your website speed.

Use SEO friendly URLs

Always make your website URL short and SEO-friendly. don’t use a long URL for your post, it’s spammy in Google’s eyes.

Because posts URL is a ranking factor. always use short and SEO-friendly URLs for your post. it will rank better and help to get more traffic

High-Quality Backlinks

A backlink is the most ranking factor. Create High-Quality Backlinks to get more referral traffic on your website. also high-quality backlink increases your website DA, PA, which helps to easily rank on google.

If you don’t know that how to create a backlink or you don’t have much time to create a backlink, then you can buy some authority backlink according to your niche by paying some money.

you can create High-Quality Backlinks and increase your website traffic and ranking.

Optimize post Title and Meta Descriptions

Title and meta descriptions are the most important part to get more visitors. create a catchy title and description of your post, that the user is forced to click on it.

you need to Optimize your Title and meta description. make clickable your post title and get more visitors to your website.

Make Your Site Mobile optimize

Make your site mobile-friendly and responsive. use AMP theme and plugin to optimize your website on mobile.
There are 3.5 billion users are using smartphones in the world in 2022.

For which most of the website traffic comes from mobile. if your site is mobile-optimized then you can get more traffic on the website.

Use images and video to your site

Use attractive images and videos for your website. make your post image attractive and well designed.

Create an image related to your post, also you can embed related youtube videos on the website. it increase your website impression and sessions duration.

Publish Fresh and New Posts regularly

Publish Fresh and New Posts every day because Google gives more importance to blogs that publish posts regularly.

But your content should be useful for readers. they are interested to read fresh content every day.

if you Publish Fresh and New Posts every day it highly impacts your website ranking and increases traffic day by day.

Use Social Share Button inside your post

You can generate a lot of traffic by using the social share button on your website.

Use the social share button in every post that users can easily share your post to their favorite social media platforms. that can bring more traffic to your website.

Publish post promote it on social media

Today every user engages with social media and they spent most of the time on social media platforms.

So after publishing your post you need to share your post on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

You can get instant traffic from these social media. with the help of these platforms, you can bring a lot of traffic every day to your website.

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Join Q & A Websites

Use a question-answer website to get traffic to your website. go to this website every day and answer the question related to your blog post.

You can link your blog post with every three answers. These are the following website that you can use for submitting your answer.

  • Quora
  • Yahoo! Answers
  • LinkedIn Answers
  • Amazon Askville
  • Mind the book
  • Super User
  • Stack Overflow

Guest Post on other top blogs

Guest post is the best way to get traffic to your website. when you post another high DA PA Website as a guest and get traffic through those websites.

When you post as a guest on any high DA PA blog, and users of that blog see your post and come to your site.

In this way you can increase your website traffic also get a Do-Follow Backlink from that site.

keep in mind some important things when you Guest post

  • guest post blog should be High DA PA more than you.
  • post as a guest on blog that should be popular and high traffic
  • post as a guest on the related content blog.

Write a Trending Article on your blog

  • Trending content always attracts more traffic.
  • Most of the users interested to read articles related to trading topics.
  • You can generate a lot of unique visitors every day by write trending articles to your blog post.

How to get traffic to your website fast

You can get traffic fast to your website or blog, using paid ads.

you can promote your content on popular social media platforms or

any search engine platforms and getting a lot of targeted audiences on your website or blog.

Google Search Advertising

You can also use search ads to getting traffic to your website. run search ads campaign on most popular platforms google and bing.

Here you target a keyword and bid on that keyword. when a user searches this keyword on google then google shows your ads.

If you use Adsense then it pretty much affects your earning

Social Media Advertising

You can drive traffic through paid ads on your website. Social media ads are one of the best ways to get a targeted audience to your blog website.

Nowadays it is too hard to rank in google. for which most of the people get traffic through social media ads.

All social media platforms allow you to run a campaign through paid ads. but before advertising, you need to know which platform is better for your audience.

Choose the right platforms to run your successful ads and get targeted traffic to your website.


Nowadays most of the blogger have the same query that how to get traffic on the website and this is a huge obstacle for any new blogger.

For which In this post, I shared some tips for improving your website traffic. Following these steps, you generate a lot of traffic for your website.

but this is not an overnight method, you have to keep patient. you can use this technique to get traffic, but You need to have quality content on your site.

if don’t have any quality content then this technique useless for you. because google will not rank your content.

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