Increase Website Speed WordPress Plugin

Want to increase the loading speed of the WordPress website? in this article, we will share how to increase website speed using these WordPress plugins.

Website speed is the most important for any business or blog. if you have any website or blog then it should be load fast.

If your website taking enough time to load, then visitor returns from your site and enter another site, that very harms full for your website. it will down your site ranking and also reduce website traffic.

If your site is connected to WordPress, then there has an option to increase your website speed through the WordPress plugin.

At present WordPress are the most popular content management system. approx 40% of websites on the internet are made using wordpress. which mostly use for business, any service, and personal blog.

The previous article discussed how to increase WordPress website speed without a plugin.

Today this article about Increase website speed WordPress plugin. here introduce the popular WordPress plugin that you can use to increase your website speed.

This plugin is especially for website optimization and increases website speed. you can pick one as per your website requirement.

W3 – Total Cache for effective caching

w3 total cache is one of the popular cache plugins. W3 total cache is the highly perform cache plugin and it is popular among bloggers and website developers.

This plugin helps you to optimize your website page and reduce page load time. w3 total cache is the best WordPress cache plugin that can integrate CDN, which makes your website page load super fast.

There are many features loaded in W3 Total Cache, to improve website loading speed. It offers object cache, page cache, gzip compression, limited minification support, and many more.

Both versions are available free and premium. you can also use the free theme to increase your website speed.

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WP Super Cache for compressing HTML, CSS, Javascript files

This plugin creates a static HTML file of your WordPress blog, when a user visits your site, it served a static HTML file instead of the heavy WordPress PHP script. which will make your site load fast.

All the features have included in this plugin, Which is needed to increase your website speed.

It has included page cache, gzip compression, cache pre-loading, advanced-cache preload, CDN support, and many more.

WP Smush for optimizing images

Content image size is the most important factor for website speed. If you use heavy images on your website it makes your site speed slow.

Then this plugin will help you to compress the image size and increase your website speed.

WP smush is a popular image compression WordPress plugin. using this you can compress and optimize your website image size.

which reduces your website page size and improves website loading speed. You can easily optimize 50 images at a time using Bulk optimization features.

If you want to remove the limitation then you have to upgrade to WP Smush Pro.

Incorporating Lazy Load using WP Rocket

WP Rocket is the most popular premium WordPress cache plugin.

This the easiest and beginner-friendly cache plugin that you can connect your site with minimal configuration.

In this plugin, we also get a lot of features, like CSS optimization, file optimization, database optimization, HTML minify, integrated CDN, DNS preaching, Cloudflare supports, etc.

You can also take advantage of lazy load features in this plugin. This is the best wordpress cache plugin that you can use to increase your website speed super fast.

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WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is also a popular WordPress cache plugin. this plugin is available in both free and premium versions on the internet. WP Fastest Cache is quite easy to set up.

There are many features in it, which help to increase your website loading speed. it provides HTML, CSS Minification, Cloudflare, and more.

you can easily improve your website performance using this plugin.


There is the best and popular WordPress cache plugin that you can choose as per your website requirement.

You can pick one of them to improve your website speed and performance.

You can use wp rocket, it is the best and easy to use. if you like this post then share.

If you want to ask any questions or give any suggestions about this post, then you can comment on the below section.

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